Bespoke Web Applications. Mobile Apps. Responsive Websites. Social Media Integration.

Iquara Limited are software developers specialising in bespoke web applications, mobile apps and responsive websites. We're based in York in the United Kingdom and also have an office in India.

Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites

Iquara Limited build responsive websites that are highly usable and look great on mobile, tablet, laptop and larger screens. Working within responsive frameworks and guidelines, our web applications can be used by your customers whatever device they choose to use. We have built responsive themes for custom web applications and content management systems like WordPress … Continued

Mobile & Tablet Apps

Mobile & Tablet Apps

Iquara Limited build mobile and tablet apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows devices. We can guide you from the design stage, through an interactive prototyping process, build your application, test it and ensure its acceptance into the…

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Iquara Limited are experts in social media integration and have extensive experience working with the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Flickr and YouTube APIs. Whether you want to post to social networks, pull data from them or both, we can build…

Bespoke Web Applications

Bespoke Web Applications

Iquara Limited specialise in making bespoke, database driven, web applications. From relatively simple websites to highly complex, distributed applications we can create a solution to meet your needs. On the server side we build applications with PHP, Java, node.js, MySQL,…



Iquara Limited offer a wide range of consultancy services. We’re willing to provide the benefit of our experience from any area we’ve worked in and in the past we’ve helped customers with- Ad-hock development Feasibility studies involving social media APIs,…

Domain Names and Hosting

Domain Names and Hosting

Iquara Limited provide web hosting and domain name management. We’ve teamed up with leading hosting providers to offer our clients secure, fast and reliable hosting to suit their needs.¬†Whether your application needs a scalable dedicated solution or simple shared hosting we’re able to provide it. We can provide and manage domain names for you, so … Continued

Check out some of our past projects

Past Projects

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    York Science Website

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    The Wallet Backup App

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    YNJC Website

  • SCY Website

    SCY Website

  • Physio Control UK Website

    Physio Control UK Website

  • York Sport Website

    York Sport Website

  • Characters Property Website

    Characters Property Website

  • Physchinstruments Online Tests

    Physchinstruments Online Tests